In the bluesy soul album “Don’t Explain,” Joe Bonamassa and Beth Hart team up to cover some quintessential blues ballads. In the duo’s first album together, they cover a number of famous blues artists, ranging from Ray Charles to Etta James.

Bonamassa, is a prolific blues and jazz guitarist who has been hot on the blues scene since 2009, when he was awarded the “Breakthrough Artist of the Year Award” at the U.K.’s prestigious “Classic Rock Roll of Honour Awards. Beth Hart is a singer and songwriter who has been on the blues scene for some time as well. In 1999 her band released “Screamin’ for My Supper,” featuring “LA Song” (Out of This Town). Bonamassa and Hart are both seasoned artists who really give it their all in this album.

I have heard Bonamassa’s guitar work before, but in this album he really finds his niche, performing amazing licks, yet not overpowering the song. In “Sinner’s Prayer,” Bonamassa shows his versatility with some amazing slide guitar. Hart, at the same time, belts out some amazing vocals in songs like “I’d Rather Go Blind” and “For My Friends.” The two come together and create sounds that range from dark and gritty to soft and soulful.

“Don’t Explain” is an all-around great blues album that has songs to please everyone from the underground blues crowd to a wider audience. I strongly suggest this album to music aficionados of any breed. “Don’t Explain” is one of the best blues albums out there, and hopefully we will see more from this soulful duo.