Drawing inspiration from the New York Times’ “The Pandemic Logs,” we asked Goshen College students, faculty and staff to record a few sentences about the ins and outs of their daily lives within the new protocols of a COVID-19 semester. Illustrations by digital editor, Nathan Pauls.

This week, we continue with three student perspectives. 

Ben Good-Elliott is a junior physics major from Goshen, Indiana

Monday, Oct. 12

Today, I was not very productive. I had a very hard time focusing and did not get much work or studying done. I did go for a run in the morning, which was nice! I also got pretty soaked when I tried to go to the Music Center in the middle of the rainstorm. It was a day of contrasts.

Monday, Oct. 19

Today, I reported someone for non-compliance. Maybe it’s a bit spiteful, since I haven’t much liked this person since high school. However, they were in a close group of six people who weren’t wearing masks properly, so maybe it’ll keep them from getting the ‘rona. 

Tuesday, Oct. 20

Today, I was reminded that I really want to go to live music shows again. Playing music and dancing in my room was a big pick-me-up, but I miss listening to music with friends. 

Thursday, Oct. 22

I completed an assignment today. Then I did **** all for the rest of the day. Wheeeeeeeeee wheredidmymotivationgo?? :))))))

Ethan Troyer, a participant in Goshen College’s teaching licensure program Transition to Teaching, is from Cleveland, Ohio

Tuesday, Oct. 20

Got a call from my grandma just before I was leaving from classes. Apparently, I had called her earlier in the day saying I hit someone on the highway, was in jail and needed bail money. Good to know she still recognizes when someone isn’t me. Called back to talk for 30 minutes later that night.

Thursday, Oct. 22

Today was the first time I set foot into Goshen’s library. Nice little place to just sit and relax. Still hate getting up at 5 a.m. though. Wish I could say it’s almost the weekend, but I have to work this weekend. 

Friday, Oct. 23

Made a yard sign for one of our teachers who has been teaching online all semester. Had our students sign and write messages on it and we’ll deliver it on Sunday. Wishing that we could just go back to normal, but on the bright side, we only have four weeks left before a long break. And because I’m an adult, I ate dessert before dinner. 

Saturday, Oct. 24 

Another teacher and I took 12 of our kids to an escape room in Mishawaka. I predicted beforehand that they weren’t going to get out, and I was correct. Ate Aladdin’s, laid on a giant chaise and had some good conversation while we waited. 

Ainslee Zou is a junior biochemistry and music double major from Bristol, Indiana 

Wednesday, Oct. 21

Unusually, many of my regularly scheduled events were cancelled today, which left more time for study, practice and (inevitably, thankfully) socialization with my beloved housemates in sweet, cozy, humble East Hall. 

Thursday, Oct. 22

Scheduled a nap for this afternoon because I felt like I deserved it. The nap was definitely attended, the four hours of scheduled study time maybe not followed quite as rigorously?

Saturday, Oct. 24

Woke up really excited to do absolutely nothing, then went to bed feeling really guilty that I did absolutely nothing. 

Monday, Oct. 26

Tested for COVID-19 today, for surveillance testing. A very different type of test anxiety that I haven’t quite experienced before. 

Wednesday, Oct. 28

My family sent a video of my dog sitting on top of our freezer. I thought it was really funny, but it made me miss home.