‘Strictly Reggae’ is working its way into its fourth successful year of providing 91.1 The Globe listeners with music from various artists of the reggae genre. The program’s hosts, Raymond Waweru and Daniel Martin, spend every Thursday night from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. on The Globe. Martin calls the tracks “really great studying music.” The laid-back playlist ranges from Bob Marley to some less-acknowledged artists.

Throughout the two-hour sequence, the pair plays about 30 songs of their choice, as well as caller-requested ones. “We get calls from a lot of people,” Martin said. “Some call in multiple times with different song requests.”

The boys’ popularity is not limited to the Goshen community. Their voices reach as far as South Bend. “We’ve gotten calls from people in that area who just talk about their lives,” Waweru said. “People have been devoted to our segment since the beginning.”

When they began about four years ago, the show included another host member, Charlie Frederick. “It was Charlie’s idea to start the radio show,” Waweru recalled. After attending a big reggae festival alongside Waweru and a few other friends in Chicago, Frederick decided he would put his Introduction to Radio class skills to good use. A talk with Jason Samuel and collaboration with Waweru put “Strictly Reggae” into business.

Martin took Frederick’s place when he went away on SST.  Frederick returned the following year, taking back his spot while Martin took a year off. Now Martin is back accompanying Waweru in playing the music they are both so passionate about.

Today, the two sit back and relax in the familiar station, scrolling through thousands of quality reggae songs, taking callers’ song requests, and smooth-talking The Globe listeners everywhere. So, adjust the dial to 91.1 on Thursdays at 9 and let a little reggae in your life.