Five art professors display their passion for art and community in the new exhibit at the Hershberger Art Gallery.

The exhibit, featuring artwork by John Blosser, Kristi Glick, Randy Horst, Merrill Krabill and John Mishler, opened on Sept. 25 will remain through Nov. 27. Its opening reception is on Oct. 8 from 5 to 7 p.m.

Kristi Glick, assistant professor of art, praises the act of sharing personal art with a larger community, especially with one’s students. According to her, the level of vulnerability required in sharing art adds a new element to teaching.

“It not only has the potential to create opportunities for dialogue and collaboration,” she said, “but it also brings a certain level of transparency to our teaching that would not be present otherwise.”

The exhibit displays a wide variety of artwork, including watercolors, sculptures, photographs, mixed media drawings, jewelry and enamel wall panels. The art is spaced throughout the gallery, which decreases the emphasis on any one individual.

Organizing an exhibit in this manner risks seeming disorganized or hard to follow. Glick, however, sees the organization as a strength because it highlights the interconnections between the works.

“It helps draw all the individual pieces into a larger whole that is more powerful than the individual parts,” she said.

Glick also reflected on the wider implications of this communal exhibit.

“I find the juxtaposition of media, style and scale to be an exciting and inspirational example of what can happen when individuals come together in community, whether it is within a department, the larger campus community or the broader society.”

Together, these artists have created a richly diverse exhibit; one that represents the beauty of collaboration and community.