If joining women in celebrating through art and music isn’t reason enough for you to come to the Goshen Student Women’s Association (GSWA) Chocolate House on Friday night, then, “You should at least come for the chocolate fountain,” says Mara Weaver, a sophomore and member of the GSWA steering committee. “And you should really come for the female talent.”

Both men and women are invited to the event, which starts at 8:30 p.m. this Friday in Newcomer. Chocolate treats, fruit, salty snacks and other delectables will be available for guests as they browse the art made by women that will be on display in Newcomer.  Poetry, drama, song and dance performances solely by women, celebrating women, will begin at 9 p.m. in NC 19.

GSWA exists “to offer support for the female students on campus, to bring women together, and to shed light on women’s issues on campus and in the world community,” says Weaver.

Sophomore Becca Kraybill will be displaying a body cast along with many others who participated in GSWA’s Body Casting event held a few weeks ago during Healthy Bodies Week. While most people chose to cast their torsos, Kraybill took a different route, casting her butt instead.

Kraybill is excited to have her cast on display, and said that it’s empowering because she is confident in her body.

Kraybill said, “I think that having the body casts on display continues the vulnerability of casting them. We were all vulnerable together as women when casting them and we will be vulnerable when displaying them.“

Kraybill thinks that it’s a great experience for female and male students to see others’ body casts. Kraybill added, “I hope that from my cast being displayed, I’d like other women to recognize that there is beauty in each one’s body and that uniqueness—the range of shapes and sizes—should be celebrated.”

The cost is $2 per person or $3 for a pair—and no, it doesn’t have to be a date. Proceeds from the Chocolate House will go to Soup of Success, a local non-profit women’s organization in Elkhart.