Two years after thrilling a packed out Sauder Concert Hall, mandolin virtuoso Chris Thile will return to Goshen College next weekend as part of this year’s Performing Arts Series.

But don’t expect the same mix of folk-y bluegrass Thile dealt out as one-third of the former band Nickel Creek. As frontman of his new band, The Punch Brothers, Thile is experimenting with genre-blending.

Where Nickel Creek floated along on pleasant melodies and sweet harmonies, Punch Brothers ramp up the speed and challenge listeners with densely arranged, sometimes contradictory instrumentation on songs like “Punch Bowl,” which sounds more inspired by garage rock than the Appalachian Mountains.

“The Blind Leaving The Blind,” the gigantic, four-movement, 40-plus minute composition that makes up the majority of Punch Brothers’ debut album, “Punch,” covers a nearly indescribable expanse of musical styles and emotions.

In concert the band is known to play not only their own original tunes and bluegrass standards, but cover artists ranging from Bach and Mozart to The White Stripes and Radiohead.

Punch Brothers will perform at 7:30 p.m. on April 3. Tickets are still available at all price levels, starting at $15. Choral terrace seating will be available for $12 once all other tickets sell out. Tickets can be purchased from the Welcome Center by calling (574) 535-7566 or e-mailing