Goshen College women celebrated the female body on Tuesday night with creative art projects.

As a part of Healthy Bodies Week, Goshen Student Women’s Association (GSWA) held a Women and Art night in East Hall. Various art projects were available such as collaging, drawing and body casting, and Java Junction provided drinks.

Over thirty women participated in the body casting. Students each paid $4 for a small roll or $9 for a large roll. The women partnered up and took turns dipping strips of plaster in water and placing it on each other, making molds of their upper body.

“It’s a good way to bond with other women around campus,” said freshman Karin Fast. “It’s a way to express femininity.”

Students also made collages and drew pictures to express themselves. The collages were made out of mostly fashion magazines. The goal was to show how the media portrays women and how to create your own definition of a healthy body.

“[Redefining body standards] gives us a healthier outlook on life for the future,” said Ingrid Derstine, an organizer of the event.

Hannah K. Miller, the president of GSWA, said, “It’s a time to make collages and get together to have time to reflect on women’s image in the media.”

Once dry, the GSWA women hope to decorate the casts and display them at their coffee house on April 17.