GoDance Studio in downtown Goshen was buzzing last Friday night with people swarming around a show put on by Brides of Neptune and BEE! Both bands are based in Goshen, but BEE! includes Evan Judson on the keyboard and trumpet, GC alumni Evan Krabill (‘21) as lead vocalist and guitarist and current GC seniors Birch Baer on drums and Isaac Fisher on bass guitar. 

The group got its start in 2021 as a way for some of the members to make music together. “We took the first letter from each of our names [at that point] to create the name BEE,” said Baer. “About a month later, the legendary Isaac Fisher joined the band and our name changed to BEE! With the exclamation point representing his name.” From then on, the band has only continued to drum up a hive of a following.

While together as a band, the group has played venues spanning from Goshen Brewing Company and Elephant Bar in downtown Goshen to the backyard of East Hall for “Eastchella” in May of 2022.

The band finds time to play together, whether they are in their studio dubbed “The Hive,” or at various venues in Goshen. 

“We operate kind of like a Jam band; we have a regular song structure, but also some improvised parts and maybe a solo section,” said Baer. “We borrow a lot from psychedelic rock, jazz and pop rock. We have never been able to figure out what genre we fit into so we call ourselves Buzz Rock.” 

For Baer, when BEE! performs, “All of us are like close friends so even practice feels like hanging out,” Baer said. 

Attendees ranging all ages gathered for the show and said they left feeling exhilarated, and that the energy at GoDance studio that night was hard to match. “The show was so good,” said sophomore Ana Yoder, an environmental science major. 

The total run time of the show was around three hours, with BEE! filling over half of that time. Sophomore Seth Smith Kauffman worked the event and gave a review: “As the videographer for BEE! I thought they were great to work with and they sounded amazing during the show. I was captivated the whole time. For a new band like them to have a show that lasted as long as it did on Friday it really just shows their talent. I love BEE! and can’t wait to see what they can do next!” 

After the show, Baer said, “We are so thankful for everyone’s support, the crowds at shows are always so fun and energetic, and really play a huge role in the vibe of our band. We couldn’t be here without the support of Goshen College students, our friends at Goshen Brewing Company and all the bands we have played with in the downtown music scene.”

Members of BEE! have put together a music video and are currently anticipating its release, as well as upcoming shows in the Goshen area that are to be later announced.