You’re A Refreshing Dream

You look just like

you’re made of 

refreshing dreams.


The kind you have

After going back to 

Sleep after jolting 

Awake from a nightmare. 


“Tea Time With Shayne”

In my hands, some hot modified chai tea, 

With creamer, sugar, and cinnamon spice. 

A drink as delicious as drink can be, 

a comfort without supermarket price. 

The liquid falls down my desert dry throat

into my stomach and warms me right up. 

My sandpaper throat, it will help me coat.

My ceramic doctor in a quick cup. 

This mixture, my own secret remedy 

was volcano hot first in the morning, 

but became a slow drinker’s felony. 

The ticking clock should have been a warning.

A tea once freshly warm from the kettle, 

now sits on a wooden desk, cold as metal.