Though Ann Hostetler’s career has led her to teach in the Goshen College English Department and pursue a personal interest in poetry; her own years as an undergraduate student at Kenyon College were focused around a major in art. Despite her busy workload as a professor, Hostetler has still found time to draw and paint.

“While I’ve taught here, I’ve taken a few classes from Judy Wenig-Horswell and John Blosser,” said Hostetler, “and that’s been really fun. When I paint I usually work in oils; I don’t like acrylics. Once I took a watercolor course, too.”

Although she thinks her real talent lies in drawing, Hostetler enjoys the opportunity painting allows for color play. “Like in this series of the vase,” she said, referencing the paintings shown here. “You can tell that I just had a lot of fun considering the different angles and color palettes.”

Hostetler, who currently practices poetry as her primary form of art, considers all artistic experiences to be enhanced by her education in the visual arts. “There are so many sides to expression and creativity,” she added.