If you’ve taken a look at the funnies page of any of the past Record issues this year, you’ve probably seen the work of artist Phil Scott.

Scott, a sophomore art education major, says that he has always been interested in creating things. “I have always loved to make things: books, drawings, instruments,” he said.

As far as his comics go, Scott explained, “Most of that is to make myself laugh, and if it makes others laugh that’s good too.”

However, drawing and painting aren’t Scott’s only passions. “I like writing and making music more than 3-D art,” he said.

Finding inspiration through his life experiences, Scott started writing lyrics and music his sophomore year of high school. He has kept it up ever since, creating new instrumental pieces as well as songs with lyrics. “I always wanted to [make music],” Scott said, “but I couldn’t sing or play any instruments, so I decided to teach myself that year.”

He has produced two albums, “Alright” and “Hue Men and Women.”

“Those are the two albums that I would ever show people,” he said, “but there are definitely a lot more songs that I would show my closest friends.”

Self-expression is the primary motivator for Scott’s art. “It makes me really happy when I can put my feelings into a tangible, structured piece. I would make music and art even if no one would ever hear or see it. Expression has always been the most fun, and if I can share that fun with people around me, then that is what I want to do.”

If you’re interested in hearing Scott’s music, his albums are available for free download at www.purevolume.com/PhilScott.