For her Drawing course during last year’s May term, Melissa Kauffman was assigned to develop an art project that contrasted light and dark color. Recognizing the graceful movement that is often characteristic of flowers, the sophomore arranged a still-life containing a vase and flower and created this print.

Kauffman brought color to the image by using varied ratios of water and India ink. By adding more water, the colors became lighter, but by adding more ink, the colors became darker.

“I like how colors can be mixed so that they play off of each other to create an image,” said Kauffman.

Kauffman took a printmaking class in high school, but she has found that printing for Goshen art courses has been significantly different. There is less time for experimenting and more of a demand for immediate, quality results. Nevertheless, Kauffman was inspired enough by her May term print that she is now taking a beginning print class.

“Printmaking is a really old form of art and can have powerful imagery,” said Kauffman, “I want to get better at it for that reason.”