The featured artist this week is Carmen Myers, a senior, whose work, along with fellow senior art majors Daniel Merkt-Blatz, Janell Koch-Cripe, Emily Shantz and Alex Troyer, is currently on display in the Hershberger Art Gallery.

Myers, an art major with a fine art oil painting concentration, spends her time away from school working as a pharmacy assistant, where she received the inspiration for her senior show pieces, including this painting of a bottle.

“The purpose of my art is to help people slow down and realize the beauty of what is around them,” Myers said in her senior statement. “It should illuminate things that normally seem insignificant.”

Myers urged viewers to consider the small ways that beauty can be found in everyday life, including at work or in the daily commute, such as Myers’ own trip from her home in Syracuse to Goshen.

“These subjects are all worth stopping to observe,” Myers said. “Art helps us realize that there are many things in life worthy of our attention.”

The current senior art exhibit will remain on display until April 2.