Andrea Kraybill, a sophomore art major from Elkhart, is this week’s featured artist, with her painting of a train on Plexiglas.

The assignment was part of John Blosser’s fall semester painting class where students were asked to paint a train theme with acrylics on a found object. With the help of the Physical Plant and a little dumpster diving, Kraybill decided to use a wooden window frame to support the Plexiglas frame.

“Originally, I painted a train on the front in a more representational manner,” Kraybill said. However, when she saw the back of the object, “I happily discovered the colors were much more vibrant.”

Using additional layers of paint and exploring a scratching method, Kraybill achieved a more abstract, textured piece than she originally intended. “It was fun to find freedom in painting in a new style and on an unusual surface,” Kraybill said.

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