You may recognize some familiar campus spots in Daniel Buschert’s drawings, which will soon be on display in the Hershberger Art Gallery as part two of the senior art exhibit.

“Stairwell Distortion,” one of Buschert’s favorite paintings in the exhibit, depicts the over-emphasized distortion of the hand railing at the east end of the KMY Connector. Buschert explained how the familiar scene of the steps and ramp gets distorted as the hand railing, which he has painted on the front of a Plexiglass sheet, is curved and presented on the backdrop of the game room, which is painted on the back face of the Plexiglass.

“I like it because it’s a familiar scene,” said Buschert, “but [it is] unusual looking, and therefore kind of abstract.”

For Buschert, a senior art major, drawing has been something that he has enjoyed since he was very young. In addition to a drawing class he took in high school, Buschert believes the appreciation and encouragement he received from people along the way, such as his grandmother, molded his interests prior to entering Goshen College. Once he had taken a drawing class during his first semester of college, he solidified his decision to become an art education major. Buschert recently made the decision to change to an art major.

“[Art is] a change of pace from other types of work,” he explained. “It’s good in that regard … it’s relaxing.”

Buschert doesn’t try to relate his artwork to specific issues or purposes, but instead focuses on realism and perspective as themes in his drawings.

However, in a creative venture that Buschert has taken for the senior exhibit, he used photography to add a surrealistic element to his pieces — specifically, by creating paintings on Plexiglass sheets. By using both sides of the clear Plexiglass sheets, Buschert was able to add depth to his paintings, a new perspective that he enjoyed discovering.

For Buschert, it’s all about discovery and the learning process.

“Try not to think through things too much and anticipate what you will or won’t like, but explore many options,” said Buschert, offering some advice to fellow artists. “Just try it, go through with it and if you don’t like it, that’s no big deal — because you have learned from it.”

The second installment of senior artwork will open with a reception this Sunday at 2 p.m. in the Hershberger Art Gallery in the Music Center. In addition to Buschert’s paintings, the works of Juan Carlos Diaz Q, Ben Adams, Sara Soto and Abbie Miller will be on display until Wednesday, April 17.