Ducks and mugs are not a very common combination, but Aspen Schmidt, a sophomore majoring in Youth Ministry, turned that around. For her ceramics class she was asked to make artwork combining subjects that were somehow similar and different at the same time. Inspired by a giraffe mug that she owns, she decided to create three mugs influenced by three different animals: a penguin, a toucan and the duck. All of them are made of clay.

The penguin mug has the animal carved into the piece and the toucan mug has the beak of the toucan extending out of the piece. The duck mug has a whole neck and head standing out. The bottom of the mug is supported on two duck feet. “I threw the mug part on the pottery wheel, and the head, neck and feet I built outside of the wheel. Once they were at the right stage I attached them,” explained Schmidt.

“The duck mug is my favorite. I think it has a lot of character and it took me the most time. I really like the texture. It looks what I pictured in my mind. For it to come out how I was hoping is pretty awesome,” she says smiling.