The featured artist this week is Daniela Hernandez, a senior. Her self-portrait drawing is representative of more than just herself.

“It represents the oppressed women of Mexico, and more specifically the indigenous women,” said Hernandez.

The quotation that surrounds the portrait is from Subcomandante Marcos, a Chiapas guerrilla leader whose rebel fighters stand up against government discrimination and injustice towards indigenous people.

“I use a dove to represent hope and ideas of peace,” Hernandez said.

The quotation translates as:

“Why is it necessary to kill and to die so that Ramona can come and you all can pay attention to what she says? Why is it necessary that Laura, Ana, Maria, Irma, Elisa, Silvia and so, so many indigenous women have to grab a weapon, become soldiers, in place of doctors, graduates, engineers, teachers?”