When Andrea Kraybill, a junior Art major, began working on the banner that was to be hung in chapel, she couldn’t quite grasp its theme of “making peace with God.” “One of the first images that came to mind,” says Kraybill, “was that of colors emerging from two hands. That transformed into birds—often a symbol of peace—in flight. I see the larger hand at the top as the hand of God, working in tandem with the hand of humans at the bottom of the banner.”

Throughout the creative process, however, putting pattern and color to the vague and expansive concept of peace helped Kraybill gain a deeper personal understanding of the subject. “Peace is created here on Earth through the unity of God and humans, just as we strive to make peace with our own relationship to God,” says Kraybill. “I also see peace as something more complex than just a plain white dove–it is multi-layered, deep, and colorful.”