“I took this picture at the 2007 Mennonite Youth Convention in San Jose, California.  I have been interested in photography since I got my hands on a Fisher Price camera as a kid.  I’ve always been creative, dabbling in lots of different visual art forms, but have come to find that my passion and skills lie in graphic design and photography.  The biggest thing that I love about photography is the ability to capture moments in time and having them last.  For example, the image of the fireworks acts as a visual reminder of their beauty.  My interest in graphic design stems from my interest in making sense out of many things–some describe it as making sense out of chaos.  I enjoy making visual connections between multiple sources of information and making things come together to communicate cohesive messages.  I hope to continue developing and learning (you can never stop learning especially in photography or graphic design) about art.”

– Jordan is a junior art major with a concentration in graphic design.