Describe yourself as an artist… what’s your background?

I joined choir on a whim in middle school and just kind of went along with things. I definitely enjoyed it, but I didn’t think of pursuing a profession or anything like that. Then in high school I kept with it and found that I had a little talent for it. Through that, I realized some of the beauty that music could bring to the world, and I was inspired to try and pursue a future in it.

Recently, what specific aspects of music have gotten you the most excited? What are your hopes and goals?

I’ve always loved musical theatre; that’s a real passion of mine. But recently I’ve been getting more and more into a capella music, which is just music without instruments. Only voices. Cool stuff. I’ve made several a capella cover videos on YouTube, which is really fun, and I’m slowly trying my hand at song writing.  My dream would be to perform on Broadway, but that’s a pretty long shot, and I’ve got lots of options, so I’m not too worried.

What made you want to come to Goshen College to pursue music?

I grew up in Goshen, so I was often exposed to the level of quality music that was happening at the college. I think that in all honesty, seeing some of the performing arts series at GC was a big thing that inspired me. I visited campus a couple times and had a few voice lessons with Scott Hochstetler. That really sealed the deal for me. I enjoyed the lessons a lot, and I really started to envision what my future could be like with these lessons. Plus, I like a campus with trees.

One last question. What inspires you to look so good?

I kind of stumbled upon the wide world of fashion at some point towards the end of high school, and it instantly became a hobby for me. It gave me so much more confidence… when I felt like I looked good every day.  I’ve kind of developed my own style, and that’s something I really embrace because I think it’s super fun.

Lukas Thompson is a sophomore music major with a concentration in vocal performance. At Goshen, he has been involved in Men’s Choir, Chamber Choir, Godspell 2012, Julius Caesar, and Parables. You can recognize Lukas by his dapper suits and his vast array of bow-ties. To hear more of Lukas’s original work, as well as his a capella covers, check out his Youtube account, Lukas Thompson.