Shelby Burge, a junior biology major, based this drawing on a picture of her and her grandfather. The piece took Burge several days to complete and won third place at the Defries Garden Show with the Goshen Painter’s Guild.

Burge included “In Loving Memory” in the drawing’s top corner because the photograph that inspired the drawing was taken a week before her grandpa died of cancer. Burge finished the drawing a few months after he passed away.

Drawing, which she has been doing for 20 years, is Burge’s passion. Though she is not majoring in art, Burge took all of the art classes offered at Goshen High School, including art history. At Goshen College, Burge has already taken Drawing and is currently in Photo Communications.

“You have to keep drawing to get better, just like with anything. Practice makes perfect,” said Burge.

Burge’s favorite medium is graphite, her favorite drawing subject, horses. Even though art is Burge’s “passion,” she doesn’t “want it to be my career.”

Instead, Burge wants to go into the health field, whether that means becoming a doctor or even drawing detailed illustrations in health textbooks.