Seth Krabill, a senior art and  education major, always knew he wanted to pursue a career in elementary education. It wasn’t until he was doodling in class one day that he realized he wanted to incorporate his passion for art into his career in education.

Kathy Meyer Reimer, professor of education and director of elementary education, is Krabill’s advisor. When he went to ask her whether she thought art education would be a good fit for him, she sent him straight to the registrar’s office to switch majors.

“She took [my asking] as me telling her, in a very passive Menno way, that I am switching,” Krabill said. “I thought that could have been a little divine nudge and decided against correcting her. The more I’ve been doing art classes, the more I feel as though I made the right decision; going with the flow.”

Krabill’s father, Merrill Krabill, is a professor of

art at Goshen. Krabill never thought he would follow in his father’s footsteps.

“In fact, if someone had presented the idea to me, or if he had pushed me to do so, I probably would have pushed back out of my own stubbornness,” he said.

What draws Krabill to art is its “self-expressive abilities.”

He feels he is a very process-oriented individual when it comes to art. To him, the end result doesn’t matter the most; it’s all about doing the thing he loves.

While Krabill didn’t come to Goshen College to follow in his father’s footsteps, he did choose to attend because of the influence of some family members.

While he was in high school, Krabill visited a couple of his cousins who attended Goshen. The “vibe” he got while spending time with his cousins and their friends attracted him to the school.

After he graduates, Krabill would like to get a job working in ceramics. However, he doesn’t plan for that to be his life long career.

“While I would just love to be a potter the rest of my life, it still feels a little selfish,” Krabill said.  “Since I have such a passion for art, I feel as though it is my responsibility to share that with my students.”