For Devon Spitler, art goes beyond paint on a canvas. “I like things that I can visualize, that I can put together in an aesthetically pleasing way,” she said. “For me, this includes ceramics and computer design, but I also find it in cooking, even putting together outfits.”

Spitler, an art and PJCS double major from Wooster, Ohio, is beginning her second semester at Goshen after living in England for a year through Mennonite Mission Network. Her focus is design and aesthetics, though she hopes to someday combine her love of art and peace studies. “My dream for the future would be to start a social center for people to cook food or make art or just hang out. I’m interested in the different ways that people express themselves.”

For the time being, though, clothing is on Spitler’s mind. “My grandpa sends me the New York Times fashion section every week. I love trying out different clothing combinations and layering.”

According to Spitler, fashion and style belong in two different categories. “Fashion is all about setting trends. It’s concerned with consumerism and the status quo. But style involves much more imagination and creative vision,” she said. “I think in a way style liberates people—it gives them confidence to be their own person.”