Summer Hasan has a unique perspective on religion that she’s begun to explore this semester through painting. Coming from a “mixed faith” family, with a Christian mother and a Muslim father, Hasan’s series of paintings focuses on women of faith, an expression of Hasan’s interest in learning about multiple faiths. “Religion was never something that I considered to be black and white,” Hasan said. Most paintings feature women wearing a head covering of some sort, something that “kind of connects these ‘opposing’ religions in a way.”

Hasan had never spent much time on painting before enrolling in an upper level painting class this semester. In high school Hasan pursued art through graphic design and drawing, but as a Public Relations major she was thankful for her chance to take the time to explore painting this year.

“Having experience in the arts is something that I believe helps bring creativity to my writing and professional projects,” Hasan said.

This series’ style is inspired largely by the work of graphic designer Shepard Fairey and painter Alphonse Mucha, both artists who have worked with women as their subjects. “I just loved how these artists were able to capture feminine beauty in a very flat and decorative way,” Hasan explained.