After much anticipation, Goshen College’s first Hour After event of the 2010-2011 school year has been scheduled for 10 p.m. on Feb. 11  in Newcomer 19. With the help of the Campus Activities Council (CAC), junior Angelica Lehman and her musical ensemble, “Angie and the Band,” will take the stage.

Hour After events are traditionally inspired, run and performed by students for their peers. “It’s a time to show your talent with skits and songs,” said senior CAC member Peter Gary. When an individual is interested in putting on a performance, members of CAC assist with funding, establishing venue details and organizing the particulars needed to make the student’s ideas come to life.

In Lehman’s case, putting on an Hour After is an opportunity to express herself.  As a Sign Language Interpretation major, she looks for instances outside of her realm of study to express her musical creativity. “Really, I have no formal background in music and clearly my major doesn’t connect with music, but I still have found ways to express myself.  It is amazing how opportunities come up, even when you aren’t a part of a music major or choir,” said Lehman.

One way Lehman is able to express herself musically is with the help of her Hour After musical group, “Angie and the Band.”  The ensemble is led with Lehman on vocals along with Adam Nuessbaum on drums, Rafael Moreno on guitar, Joel Jiminez on bass, Daniel Moya on piano and “a few different guests throughout,” said Lehman. With inspirations from neo-Jazz musicians John Legend and Adele, “Angie and the Band” hope to bring a R&B and soulful feel to their Hour After.

Lehman hopes that the rest of the student body can share this creative opportunity with her and her band. “I really enjoy being a part of this group and I hope that everyone else is overwhelmed by the goodness of their sound as much as I am,” said Lehman.

Though Lehman and her ensemble will be the first to entertain Goshen College this year with an Hour After event, they will not be the last. Aaron Kaufmann and Nate Day are scheduled to perform in March and many other individuals have expressed interest for future performances.