“Kiss Each Other Clean,” is the latest album from Iron & Wine, released Tuesday, Feb. 8. The album is a showcase of sound experimentation from an artist who is still shown to be evolving. The band’s earlier releases were a mix of soft- and folk- rock, but the new album adds more instruments and studio production that give the band a fuller sound.

Iron & Wine is the stage and recording name of Sam Beam, who has reached a point in his career where his sound is evolving so much that some would consider it selling out.  But in reality, his fame has given him the freedom to explore and create something different.

Although many long-time fans of Iron & Wine may miss the soft melodies of the earlier releases, and it may take them longer to fall in love with, “Kiss Each Other Clean,” the poetic and raw lyrics are still present, and are as powerful as ever. The enhanced production work in the studio only enhances Beam’s rich, haunting and enchanting voice.

The first single to be added to 91.1 The Globe’s library off the album is “Tree By The River.” The album is a must-have, no matter if you are a dedicated fan or first-time listener.