Abby Owens may not be well known to music fans outside the Southeast, but she soon will be. This aspiring singer-songwriter’s latest project, Indiantown, is the perfect vehicle to introduce her talents to new audiences. Producer Jason Isbell rightfully showcases Owens’ voice as the lead instrument throughout the album.

Her six-song EP is a smart move.  There’s no fat or forced tracks on this CD; it’s all solid material.  From the title track that tells the story of her Florida hometown to musings about lost loves, missed opportunity, friends and family, each song leaves you with anticipation for the next. Aside from her vocal talents, this project is an honest example of her song writing ability, having penned each of the tracks on Indiantown.

Owens now calls Waycross, Ga. home, the same town that gave us country rock legend Gram Parsons (The Byrds and Flying Burrito Brothers). It’s easy to hear his musical influence in Owens’ style and presentation. Her regular appearances at the annual Gram Parsons Guitar Pull only strengthen the musical connection.  If you listen closely, eyes closed and ear buds tight, you can hear Emmylou Harris, another Parsons disciple, in the richness of Owens’ voice and sultry accompaniment of her guitar.

Owens sings with a conviction that is soulful and poetic. Her vocals are graceful yet confident, providing harmonic balance without over-singing. Be prepared to hit repeat on your player as you find yourself wanting to hear her sing the stories of life and love again.

Indiantown is an independent, self-released CD available now at online retail outlets and will be hitting Americana radio on Oct. 18. Owens’ future plans include touring with producer and former Drive-By Truckers member, Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit in support of the new release.