There is nothing more quintessential to the GC experience than spontaneous singing, right? Of course it’s right! We are blessed with both an abundance of gifted artists and a campus community that relishes in the works they offer up. I am thankful for the open mic nights, for the brave performers on the Kick-Off stage, for the hymns floating down the KMY staircases and for the live acoustic melodies that enhance the sensory delight of a Java Junction beverage.

This week I think of Simon Hurst, who on Sunday wrapped up passersby in a tapestry of string and song. It was a welcome pause in studying to make my way over to Java with friends for a melodic and multisensory experience: warm chai in hand, relaxing into the couches for the music coming from the makeshift stage. With the focus on Simon, the frenzy of Sunday night preparations were made to wait. To be able to pause and relish in a moment of artistic expression is a gift I don’t wish to give up. May the music that you hear this week be such a gift to you.