What is Elizabeth and the Catapult? A medieval epic about the English queen and her use of projectile weaponry? A summary of what happened when I asked my ex to return my stereo? Or a beautifully toned band that recently produced an album that is as incredible as it is cheap?

While all of the above may be true, the latter option is the one that I will choose to focus on. Elizabeth and the Catapult’s latest album, The Other Side of Zero (available on iTunes for $5.99, a bargain!) is, admittedly, my first encounter with the group. However, I instantly fell in love with their soft tones, catchy lyrics, and delightful melodies. A particular favorite for me was the second track on the album, titled You and Me. Reminding me more than a little bit of The Weepies, this band is an original, catchy group that I’m looking forward to hearing more of in the future.