“Don’t worry, be happy.”

Those are the well-known words made famous in 1988 by Bobby McFerrin, a renowned singer who will be visiting Goshen College this coming February as part of the Goshen College Performing Arts Series. Famous for his unique vocalization methods and carefree manner, the winner of ten Grammy awards is just one of the well-known musicians and performers who will be visiting the college this season.

In fact, many of the other visiting performers are also Grammy award winning artists, such as Rhiannon Giddens, an aspiring young artist reviving the traditional songs of the Carolinas, Bela Fleck and spouse Abigail Washburn, who have mastered the complex art of banjo duets, Chris Thile, displaying the visibility of the mandolin through several musical genres, and the Soweto Gospel Choir, who hail from South Africa and are known around the globe for their music.

The musical styles of these performers will range from the classical repertoire of Quebec-based Les Violons du Roy, to the jazz and Broadway classics performed by the John Pizzarelli Quartet, accompanied by Broadway star, Jessica Molaskey.

The heart of American culture will shine through in performances by Ira Glass and Rosanne Cash. Glass, the creator of the public radio show This American Life, will be mixing his stories on stage with segments from previous shows and talking about what makes a captivating story. Cash, the oldest daughter of American legend Johnny Cash, uses her music to explore the culture of her roots, the American South, with her husband John Leventhal.

Performance dates span the academic year, with the Pizzarelli Quartet, Giddens, Fleck and Washburn, Thile, and the Soweto Gospel Choir appearing this fall and Cash, McFerrin, Glass and Les Violons du Roy appearing in the spring of 2016.

A special Christmas performance will be made by Danú, an Irish ensemble from County Waterford, who uses a variety of diverse instruments such as the tin whistle, button accordion and bouzouki to create the music of their heritage.

Tickets for the Performing Arts Series are currently available and can be ordered through the Welcome Center. Students also have the opportunity to witness these performances by ushering at various events throughout the season.