With basketball season upon us, two members of the Goshen College women’s basketball team, Tyra Carver, a junior, and Megan Strock, a senior, are preparing for an overall improvement in the team’s performance from last season.

Carver and Strock are both veterans of the Goshen basketball program and were willing to take time out of their busy schedules to answer some questions about themselves and the upcoming season.

Seth Wesman: Give us some background into who you are.

Tyra Carver: [I’m from] Kalamazoo, Michigan. I’m a junior broadcasting major with a physical education minor.

Megan Strock: Senior from a small town Butler, Indiana. I have a major in Accounting, minor in Business. I am a two-sport athlete, basketball and volleyball. I love to travel. I am a huge family person and I have goals for myself.

Wesman: Why did you decide to play basketball for Goshen College?

Carver: I decided to play for Goshen because I knew Liz Tecca, who is my close friend was coming here to play, and I liked how close it is to home. I also liked the idea of getting a chance to play as a freshman.

Wesman: Do you enjoy playing basketball for Goshen?

Strock: I love Goshen. I love the team. Everyone meshes together so well and we are always having a good time. It’s amazing because my teammates on the court are also my best friends. I eat many meals, do homework, travel and spend my time on the weekends with them. We are more than teammates. It’s a blessing and every single girl on my team is a blessing to me. I wouldn’t trade a single one of them because then we wouldn’t be who we are right now.

Wesman: When did conditioning for the season begin?

Carver: We started basketball conditioning the 2nd day classes started.

Wesman: How have the scrimmages gone and how are you anticipating the season to go?

Carver: We have upcoming scrimmages that we are excited for. Liz and I get to go back to our hometown and play in front of our families and friends. As far as the team, we are all anxious and eager to get more wins. We know we have the talent; we’re just trying to figure out how we can use our talents to win more games.

Wesman: What do you hope to improve on from last season?

Carver: I am most looking forward to seeing how many games we are going to win this year. We know we can be a team that’s above .500 or even close to that, we just need to give our best effort night in and night out. Individually I hope to improve my on assist and focusing more on defense, hoping that those two things will get us closer to more wins.

Strock: Defense and being able to hold teams down on the number of points they score. Also finishing games. We would come out and play so well in the beginning and then we would let teams catch up to us and we would let them beat us. Playing from start to finish is a big goal for us this year.

The Goshen women’s basketball schedule began Wednesday against Indiana University Northwest.