What brought you to Goshen College?

I came to Goshen College primarily for race walking. Back home in Maine, I didn’t have good options for colleges that had this sport as a part of their programs. Goshen was the closest school that had a race walking program. Additionally, since the race walking world is so small, I had met Goshen students Jake GunderKline and Mitchell Brickson, who recommended Goshen to me.

When did you begin race walking?

I began race walking in a youth summer program when I was 12 years old. I began competing on a national level in my first year of high school.

What inspires and drives you to race walk?

I really like the team aspect of it. I like meeting people on the national and international teams at competitions. For example, last May I went to Russia for the IAAF World Race Walking Cup and really enjoyed competing with people from around the world. I am also driven to race walk in part because it is the only sport that I have ever felt I was really good at.

Describe one of your favorite moments from a past competition.

It is hard to think of one moment that stands out, but one of the most exciting competitions for me was when I was a junior in high school and competed in an international meet between the U.S. and Canada. I was one of four women from the U.S. who qualified to compete, and I actually ended up winning the international competition for my event.

What do you think about when you race?

For me, this depends on the length of the race. I usually just think about what I am trying to accomplish in the race. If I am in a one-mile race, I just focus on racing, because it is such a short race. However, if I am in a 10K race, I need to think more to stay focused and motivated.