After eight years committed to the Goshen College women’s tennis team, Sarah Yoder has turned in her resignation. Yoder played four years of collegiate tennis but most recently served four years as head coach of the women’s tennis team.

“Over the past year I have been back in school working on a secondary social studies teaching license,” Yoder said. “Next fall I will be ready for student teaching and I knew I wouldn’t be able to coach any longer. We have too many matches during the week that require leaving midday.”

Though she leaves behind what she refers to as “a highlight of [her] life”, Yoder is excited about her future.

“I graduated from Goshen College four years ago and since then have worked as the admissions director at Bethany Christian Schools,” Yoder said. “Being in a school everyday brought up new desires to teach. I will continue to coach the girls tennis team at Bethany and am excited about the possibility of helping out with the volleyball team as well.”

Despite her decision to leave Goshen College, Yoder has not dismissed the possibility of returning.

“If schedule-wise it would work out to return,” Yoder said, “it would be something I would consider. I try not to rule anything out.”