Ri Koteles, a fifth-year softball player, recently broke the school record in walks and doubles. I sat down with her to discuss her success.


Q: How is your season going so far?

A: We started off our season really strong during our spring break in California. We faced great competition and got a great feel on how to work together, what our individual roles are, and how to be most successful. It really set a great tone for our team and we are really excited to start conference play.


Q: You broke the standing record for career walks in February. Can you walk me through that experience?

A: Breaking the school record for walks this past week was honestly super surprising. I never really pay attention to the stats or record books until other people inform me of it. I just like to play to the best of my ability, have fun with my team and be the best teammate I can be. Earning and breaking records just comes along with it. For me it doesn’t change the way I play, but it is cool to see my hard work pay off! 


Q: You broke the record for doubles just a short time later. What was that experience like compared to the first record you broke?

A: I found out that I broke the doubles record at the same time I broke the walk record so my reaction was at the same time. Thinking back, someone did mention at the end of last season that I was close to breaking a record. Regardless, I forgot about it since, so it did surprise me that I broke the record this season. In both circumstances, it really just adds to my whole fifth-year experience. When given the chance to come back and play for a fifth-year, I called it my “opportunity year.” [It is an] opportunity to build relationships and put my whole heart in softball for one last year. When you know it’s your last year playing the sport you’ve done your whole life, you have a different perspective and play with a grateful heart. Having the opportunity to break these records really just makes this whole year worth it. 


Q: As the season moves forward, do you envision yourself breaking any more records? If so, which ones?

A: I have heard that I have the opportunity to break some more records but that’s never my goal. I just play for the team. If the record-breaking comes along with it, cool; if not, so be it.


Q: Finally, what are you and your teammates looking forward to as the season progresses?

A: As a team we are excited to show the Crossroads League what Goshen softball is this year. They have no idea what’s coming. This year is a talented group of young girls and lots of new faces, so we can’t wait to show them what this year’s roster has coming. They definitely aren’t prepared for Goshen.


The women’s softball team will compete against Indiana Wesleyan University on Friday in Marion, Indiana.