On Sept. 4, Tony Miller was named sports information director for the Goshen College athletic department, taking on some of Josh Gleason’s previous responsibilities.

As the sports information director, Miller will be keeping goleafs.net updated, relaying information to the media with press releases and recording the statistics of all athletic events.

For the majority of his four years at Goshen, Miller’s major was broadcasting, but during the latter part of his education, he switched to general communications.

“My goal is to promote Goshen athletics in a new and positive light, as well as endorse something that would normally fly under the radar,” Miller said.

Throughout his college years, Miller did live broadcasting for the The Globe and was the Sports Editor for The Record, both of which familiarized him with the athletic reporting style.  His individual work is also impressive.

According to the goleafs.net press release, Miller was an Intercollegiate Broadcasting System finalist for best sports update and best basketball play-by-play. He also created and maintained a website for Bethany Christian High School athletic events.

The dedication and care that he has for the sports programs, as well as Goshen College as a whole, show in his energy and effort in the athletic department.

If he could work at any campus in the country, Miller said he would still chose to work with Goshen College.

Miller’s enthusiasm, devotion and determination to create a great athletic program for Goshen College, along with his experience in sports information combine to make him the ideal man for the job.