It’s been a tough season for the men’s basketball team as they struggle picking up wins this season. The Leafs are 1-13 in their conference and 3-21 overall, with an average losing margin of 15.8 points. 

The team has yet to win a game on the road and is currently on a 13 game losing streak. 

They have been short-handed recently, losing their second-leading scorer and redshirt-junior forward, Austin Branagan to a knee injury. 

Still, the Leafs continue to put up tough performances against nationally-ranked teams, but struggle to finish down the stretch. 

A majority of the problem lies within team shooting and consistency from the floor. The Leafs are shooting just 43% from the field, giving up 50% to opponents and are struggling from three point range as well, shooting about 31% from deep. 

With just three games left in the regular season, the Leafs are looking to finish strong. 

Head coach Jon Troph gave feedback on the team’s overall feelings, from players all the way to the coaching staff. 

“Everyone is frustrated with losing,” he said. “I think each player and coach processes it differently, but ultimately the sting of losing wears on everyone.”

Tahj Curry, senior guard, and the team’s leading scorer, is averaging 18.5 points a game.

“We’re just working on getting better and finishing out the season competing every practice and game,” Curry said. “We struggled with that towards the middle of the year, but we’ve done much better dealing with all the adversity we’ve faced this year.” 

The team wants to get back on the right foot so Troph talked about how they are using this stretch of losses to learn and grow. 

“We try and preach to our guys that win or lose, you have to embrace the process of trying to get better at something each and every day,” Troph said. “Now, that’s easier said than done, and there are some days when we haven’t achieved that. But, I do think most of the time our guys understand that if they focus on getting better, and control the controllable, we will get better.”

The team’s strategic approach towards the future is straightforward as well. 

“Making sure we work on the things we struggle with like rebounding and hitting shots,” Curry said. “Making sure we are doing all the little things in practice to make sure we can go out and give ourselves the best chance to win the next game.” 

“We really have focused on being the best we can be with what we do,” Troph said. “We have incorporated different game plans and things to be prepared, and there’s always adjustments with rotations and things that can be made. Ultimately though, we have to stay locked in and focused on being the best we can be each day, and getting better.”

The men’s basketball team looks to get back in the winning column this Saturday with a home matchup against Mount Vernon Nazarene.