So that’s it. It’s over. Your NCAA tournament team just lost. Their season is done. Fin. Complete. There’s that usual spell spent with your head buried in a pillow, crying your eyes out; that’s a given. But what then? You cleared your calendar for every evening through April 8th just in case your team was playing. What do you do now?

Well, maybe it’s a blessing in disguise. Here are a few activities to fill your now-clear schedule since your favorite team lost. You could:

a)   decide whether you want your team’s final opponent to lose embarrassingly or win it all

b)   read a really sad book—because that’s all you’re crying over—not Zeller’s postseason press conference

c)   scrutinize every game on your bracket

d)   as a red-blooded human, cheer against Duke

e)   worry about all of that money that you *didn’t* bet on your bracket pool

f)   root for the upsets (if they’re on your bracket)

g)   plan a certain person’s National-Championship-day Kansas-themed birthday party

h)   cheer for your team’s alumni in the NBA

i)   go for whoever is playing the Miami Heat

j)   start watching MLB spring training

k)   …if you want to fall asleep early

l)   tell yourself, “at least they were allowed to play in the postseason in this sport”

m)   or tell yourself, “at least the loss wasn’t as bad as their postseason beating in that other sport”

or I guess you could, you know…

n)   catch up on sleep

o)   do your homework

P.S. Apologies for the publication coming a week late, Kentucky fans.