Tuesday afternoon, the announcement was made that Goshen’s Head Men’s Basketball, Neil Young would take a temporary medical leave of absence. With the announcement, assistant Coach Brandon Lokken will step up as head coach for the time being.

“I decided to take this leave because at this time I do not feel I can adequately perform the duties associated with being the head basketball coach. It was a difficult decision however I know there are better days ahead and I look forward to getting well and working with my team again soon,” said Young.

Young took on the job as head coach last April, and a short three months later was diagnosed with T-cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. Since his diagnosis, he has been balancing treatments and his coaching duties.

“We are all concerned for Young’s health most of all. As a team we have to continue to get better each day. We will all have to step up and pull a little more weight in his absence. The rest of the season will test the strength of our team, but it is a challenge we are ready to take on together,” said Lokken.

Lokken coached his first game as acting head coach Tuesday evening against conference rival Indiana Wesleyan University.