The Record met with Stefon Luckey to find out what makes him tick and to get the inside scoop on Goshen College men’s basketball. Luckey is a sophomore who transferred to Goshen this year to continue his college basketball career. He hails from Cassopolis, Michigan, where he attended Ross Beatty High School.

Q: Where did you go to college before this and why did you transfer?

A: I went to Glen Oaks Community College in Central Michigan. It was a community college, and I transferred because I didn’t really like it there and because I  met Jerron Jamerson (a junior). We played at a gym over the summer together and on a team called “The Thoroughbreds.” He was already coming here and then [Coach Gary Chupp] came to watch me play and told me he liked my game and wanted me to play for him.

Q: How would you compare the level of play here to that of the community college you played at last year?

A: It’s not too different. Conference-wise, I felt like maybe junior college was a little bit harder, even though we’re not doing too well right now, just because…a lot of players don’t have high enough grades to play in Division 1, even though they’re good enough, so they go to Community College instead. I played against a lot of guys that are like that.

Q: Why basketball? What do you love about the game that keeps you playing?

A: It’s the simple fact that I like being better than somebody else at something. You know, everybody’s gotta have something, and basketball is that thing for me. I’ve been playing it since I was real little and still like it.

Q: What has been your favorite moment in your life on the basketball court?

A: In high school, I think it was my junior year, there was one game. I think it was overtime, but I won it at the (free throw) line. I had to make three free throws. The game was over. The clock ran out but I was at the line by myself with the whole gym watching me. So that was probably my favorite moment.

Q: Who is your favorite basketball player—someone you model your game after?

A: Back in the day, it was Allen Iverson, and today, probably Kyrie Irving, of the Cleveland Cavaliers. And since I play point guard, I also like Rajon Rondo (of the Boston Celtics) because of his passing ability.

Q: Do you get inspired to play basketball when you watch them? Who inspires you?

A: Yeah! I like to watch a lot of their highlight clips. And also my brother, Kevin. He never played basketball in college, but he played high school ball at the same high school I was at. He’s my inspiration.

Q: Let’s talk about this season. You guys were playing really well early in the year, but have not collected many wins recently. What do you guys need to do to get back to where you were earlier in the year?

A: The first thing we need to do is be a team again. We started off [playing] like a team because we didn’t really know each other, so we kinda had no choice. Now that we got to know each other, you know how basketball teams are, with inside stuff, so we pretty much need to come together again to turn it around and make the tournament.

Q: Have you noticed a change in the atmosphere in the locker room?

A: Yeah, it has kinda changed. We’re all kind of down right now. Like, not too many people involved in conversation. We kinda just go to practice and get done with practice and leave, basically. Not too much is done as a team any more.


This interview has been edited and condensed.

Height: 5’10”

Position: Guard

Career highs: 27 points, 5 three-point shots, 7 free throws, 10 assists, 3 steals.

Averages 11.6 points per game.

#1 on the team, #2 in the conference, #13 in NAIA Division II with 5.0 assists per game.