Approximately 200 students took part in intramural volleyball this year. The school’s most popular intramural sport wrapped up Tuesday with a competitive night of playoffs. When all was said and done, two teams stood above the rest and donned the green shirts that declared them champions. Block Market capped their undefeated season with the A League championship and Libero Arts Majors took the B League shirts.

With both an A League for experienced players and B League for less serious players, everyone was able to join in the action this season. Two intercollegiate volleyball players were allowed to play on each team, but very few teams took advantage of that talent pool, opting instead for experienced former players and athletic jumpers. Still, six teams took on the challenge of A League volleyball while another 18 teams played B League.

Four A League teams and eight B League squads made the playoffs. Through the semi-final round, the higher seed won every match. B League’s championship matched the number one seeds from each division together. Folley For Serve came in the slight favorite, with an undefeated record. Libero Arts Majors lost only once in the regular season, but came in a shorthanded effort with several players missing. Libero Arts Majors won the first set 25-20, then finished the tournament’s only upset with another 25-20 win in the second set.

The A League final featured a rematch of last year’s A League championship, with slight roster variations. In the 2012 finale, Compassionate Killers upset the undefeated Block Market for the championship. This year, Compassionate Killers had no such luck. They came into the game with only two losses, both to Block Market, while their opponent was undefeated. Block Market took a solid 25-20 victory in the first set. Then, Compassionate Killers rallied for a 25-21 game two win to force a third and final set, building a 4-0 lead before allowing Block Market to come back and even the score. A few minutes later, a block by Andrew Glick ended the intramural volleyball season and secured the championship for Block Market.