The Goshen College Maple Leafs lost more than just the game on Saturday against the Indiana Wesleyan Wildcats.

Returning from a knee injury that occurred on Jan. 17 against Marian College, Stormy Holder heard a loud snap when her ankle gave out from under her as she attempted to drive to the basket during Saturday’s 52-45 loss.

“[When] I hit the floor,” said Holder, a first-year, “I was instantly in one of the worst pains of my life.”

Though the extent of the injury has yet to be determined, Maple Leafs Coach Steve Wiktorowski said that Holder’s absence will impact the team as a whole.

“She has had ankle problems in the past, having broken each one,” said Wiktorowski. “It is hard to know right away what this one is or how she will recover. If she is out, it means we will have lost one of the top three-point shooters in the conference and one of our most versatile players. It will also really test our depth, as it will only give us eight players available to play.”

For Holder, it is troubling to think about what the injury might mean for the rest of the season.

“I’m extremely upset about the whole situation,” Holder said. “I’m worried about having to sit out. It kills me to watch my team from the sidelines because they are always working hard and trying their best. I want to be out there contributing too. Especially for this to happen the same week of my knee injury, it has been very upsetting and frustrating for me not only physically, but also mentally. We have only seven games left in our season, and I want to finish strong.”

Holder’s injury was not the only excitement during the game against Indiana Wesleyan.

The Maple Leafs refused to fall behind with several steals, breakaway shots and a rebound that sent co-captain Krystal Duensing flying into the stands.

“I saw the ball going out of bounds and knew it would be IWU’s ball, so I had to try and save it,” said Duensing, a senior. “My momentum led me straight into the stands. My back was sore for a little bit, but the pain went away.”

Despite their determination, the Maple Leafs lost their eighth Mid-Central College Conference game of the season, which leaves them with a record of 6-17 overall and 1-8 in the M.C.C.

Goshen College hosts Bethel College, ranked No. 22 in the NAIA, on Saturday, Jan. 31.