The spring semester (the word spring is used loosely) has started up again, and we all know what that means. It is time for the always-entertaining season of intramural basketball. With only a handful of teams, 7 men’s teams and 2 women’s teams, the road to the tournament is expected to be hotly contested.

The men’s teams will each play each other once. The team sitting last in the standings at the end of the season will be eliminated from tournament play while the top two teams will play in the championship and the four remaining teams will battle for bragging rights among themselves in the B-League standings. The two women’s teams are already in the championship and will play each other in a best of three series played on Sunday nights.

Tuesday night saw the first night of games played in Gunden Gymnasium and featured a wide array of results from the participating teams.

The results of the night’s games were:

Pippin Ain’t Easy 85-33 Hoosier Daddy

Chuggz 56-53 Maple Jordan

Blazers 47-31 Dunkin Go Nuts

The next round of games will begin on Sunday, January 19th.