Spring time is soon upon us here in Goshen, and that means three things: the weather will become tolerable (except for the floods of rain), people will actually want to spend time outside (except when it’s raining), and, most importantly to me, baseball will once again be played throughout the U.S. (except, of course, when it’s raining. See a pattern here?)

However, as the years pass by, it seems that the tradition of baseball as America’s favorite pastime is quickly, if not already, dashed by the love of another sport: football. Who is to blame America, though? Football is faster, harder hitting, rougher, tougher and to many, just plain better.

When it comes to my own personal tastes, however, I would much rather watch a good baseball game than a football game. Maybe it’s the pacifist in me, but I believe a baseball game can be more entertaining than a football game. Many people do not understand the necessary hand-eye coordination needed in the major leagues to hit a ball hurling toward you at 80-90 miles an hour, or to hit an off-speed pitch that has a hook or dip in it.

I have tried to play the game of baseball and I openly admit I have failed miserably at it. This is not even getting into the sheer arm strength one may need if they are an outfielder, to throw a ball from a back-fence to the infield about 200 or so feet away.

So how does this relate to Goshen? Well the fact of the matter is that the baseball season doesn’t really bring in the student crowd. So many of the students here at Goshen would rather watch an exciting and active soccer game, or even a basketball game, than a “boring” baseball game. This, I believe, is something that the baseball team doesn’t deserve. They deserve way more fans than those I’ve seen at some of their games. Even if we can’t be rowdy at the game, I still believe we should have more students at baseball games.

Whether that means adding more bleachers or any other necessary adjustments remains to be seen.