The 2021 Goshen College women’s soccer team features a slew of international players, far more than years past. 


Four upperclassmen from Brazil, a transfer from Hungary, a duo of first-years from Iceland and a pair from England account for nearly 43% of the 21-person roster.


“Our international players bring different life experiences, cultural diversity and a soccer background that is different to our U.S.-based players,” head coach Justin Crew said.


First-year psychology major Amy Drew is among those players. She brings experience all the way from London, where she began playing soccer at just six years old. 


After an abnormal recruiting process, Drew and the other eight international players have now found themselves calling Goshen ‘home.’


“I was recruited through the agency SRUSA [Sports Recruiting USA], who helped me put together a highlight video which was sent out to different coaches and Justin was one of them who reached out to me and told me about the program,” Drew said.


“The recruiting process is a bit different for sure,” Crew said. “It is usually very difficult to see these players play in person, so the identification process is done mostly by livestreamed games and videos.”


“It is hard for an international player to visit campus so we have to find different ways for them to get as best of a feel as possible for what life at GC is like,” he added. “We do our very best to offer an honest and complete picture of our school.”  


As expected, uprooting your entire life and moving to a different country is a massive commitment that comes with its challenges; however, Drew has made the most of this opportunity so far. 


“The transition has been really good,” she said. “It was a lot to take in at once, but me and some of the other internationals were the first ones here which allowed us time to settle in and get to know each other without being too overwhelmed.” 


After netting two goals in the team’s second match of the season against Point Park University on Aug. 27, Drew was named the Everence Student-Athlete of the Week.


“It was really great to be recognized and a really proud feeling,” she said. 


“I love coaching players like Amy and we are very lucky to have her playing with us,” Crew said. “She is a very strong player, a fierce competitor and is all in for her team and our program.” 


The future for this Maple Leaf team looks bright after getting off to their first 2-0 start since 2015. 

Currently standing at 3-1, the women’s soccer team hopes to go as far as they can and win as many matches as they can, all while improving and developing together as a team.


“Personally, I want to improve as an individual and play to the best of my ability as well as help the team reach our targets,” Drew said. “It’s great to be able to put on a Goshen [College] jersey and represent the school and a community that supports us so much.”


“We have a great squad of players and people,” Crew concludes. “I am blessed to have the opportunity to coach this group of young women.”