“I paid 7 dollars to get into this!” someone sitting near me at spring Kickoff kept shouting indignantly during the show. Hearing this, I mentally patted myself on the back for having purchased a Geek card at the beginning of the year, thinking of the money I’d saved in doing so. And my entrance to Kickoff and all the other CAC events was hassle-free – all I had to do was show the shiny little “Aloha” sticker on the back of my ID card and I was golden. What a smart decision I’d made in becoming a Geek.

Or maybe not. I thought back to fall semester – fall Kickoff was the only event I could remember the CAC hosting, but having participated minorly in one of the acts, I hadn’t even needed a ticket to get in. I racked my brains to recall another event at which my Geek card could have been put to use, but could think of none. No longer pleased with myself for having purchased a Geek card during the fall, I started to wish I’d done what a friend of mine had – gotten a Geek card at the start of spring semester, when the price was halved.

A little miffed about having shelled out $35, essentially half of which had gone unused, I checked out the Geek Club’s Facebook site to see if there had been events I had simply missed. I discovered that they had hosted a couple of events, though they were fairly unenticing — a couple of First Fridays, the Unda-da-Tent Reggae Party and Go-Prov Comedy Night. I wondered who had gone to this stuff.

Thankfully, this semester’s CAC schedule will somewhat make up for a lackluster fall calendar. As one of the CACers wrote on the Geek Club’s Facebook wall, “This semester is going to be packed full of CACalicious action!” Highlights include two Hour Afters, a dance party and Earth Hour Madness. Hour Afters are my favorite CAC event (except for Kickoff, of course), so I’d really hoped there might be more of those, but beggars can’t be choosers, as they say.

In any case, I’m hoping to get some good mileage out of my Geek card this semester, but next year, I’ll only be a Geek in the spring.