Male friendships. As someone starting out in school, the second most anxiety-inducing part of college is making friends (behind starting classes, of course). 

As a student-athlete here at Goshen College, I feel you get put into a “group of friends” and then decide how deep these friendships go; but if you aren’t a student-athlete, don’t worry. 

Even though I do have some really good friends from my team, several of the people I would consider my best friends are not athletes. Heck, my best friend is from the middle of nowhere in Ohio. 

This has helped me tremendously here, and if you had met me three years ago you would see how good friends can change you for the better. This comes from many long nights and deep conversations about our emotions. 

It honestly can be extremely difficult to make friends initially. I really tried to reach out to guys in my classes or orientation groups and find out when they were all hanging out together. This gave me the opportunity to get to know them better and meet even more people after hearing when people were hanging out.

Early on, I wouldn’t just tell anyone my business and how my day is really going, but finding these deep friendships by being real and putting your thoughts on the table takes down the barrier of hiding your emotions every day. 

College is hard — I have struggled with a lot of anxiety due to classes and baseball at the same time and sometimes you need someone to talk to. Honestly, your bros help put away the front and allow you to be yourself when you’re moving to a place that’s very new. 

In my experience, it doesn’t matter if you are placed in a group like I was in baseball or even decide to join a group — approaching people here at GC is extremely easy. Maintaining these friendships may be difficult, since a lot of our students are from different places. 

It takes work and communication, just like any relationship, but honestly, these relationships built here will last a lifetime. I have kept these friendships through many things, and one of the most meaningful ways for me has been just sitting down and talking. 

Talking about life, how your day was, or even if it is just stuff you think is small and insignificant.

These people will be at your wedding one day and even your funeral, get rid of the masculine urge to put up a front and share your emotions with your buddies because IT WILL last a lifetime.