Since everybody likes a short and sweet top 10 list, we’ve compiled one of our own. We know you already were going to apply for student senate, but here’s a few more reasons to win you over!

Top 10 Reasons to be on Student Senate Cabinet

You are given opportunities to voice your opinions and help make campus improvements.

We’re quite certain that any medical school is required to admit you as a student if you have ever served on a college-level senate (high school-level just doesn’t cut it in a competitive field).

You meet for engaging conversation with Bill Born once a week and the senate at-large once a week. If you think your schedule is too busy, try to cut out the Facebook stalking and you should have plenty of time for the meetings.

You may have the chance to dine with the Board of Directors. This is a great opportunity to hear what the board members are doing for the college, as well as to share your visions with them.

You get to use your creativity to produce your own short film for Monday Night Live during the fall semester.

Senate members help organize and hold forums for various discussions across campus.

When you’re having a stressful week, it feels a lot more gratifying to be able to complain and whine to the Vice President of Student Life instead of your roommate.

You oversee the elections for the at-large senate members.

Although it may not actually be said in the job description, you know you are basically ranked right under Jim Brenneman.

It is rewarding to work hard on different projects and watch their outcomes unfold. Also, it is enjoyable to build friendships with the three other cabinet members throughout the year.

Applications are available at the Student Life Office in the Ad building. The application consists of a short petition and a description explaining why you desire to be a cabinet member. They are due on March 31st. Voting will take place in April. If you have any interest you should definitely give it a try!

Jenna Zehr, a junior, is an Elementary Education Major from Tiskilwa, IL.

Laura Krabill, a sophomore, is a Biology Major from Tiskilwa, IL.