I never thought that I’d be struck by a bicycle while making my way to my microeconomics class during the second week of classes at Goshen College. Fortunately for me, that experience was not a sign of things to come.

Before GC, I attended a college in Indiana that I knew I wasn’t going to stay at very long. I’d sit in class and always have the burning question: “Where will I transfer next semester?”

Unfortunately, the question remained with me for two and a half semesters before I came to the realization that I wanted to transfer to Goshen College.

I found the answer through my close friend, Emma Koop Liechty, whom I’ve known since high school.

After doing some research and consulting with my friends and family, I knew GC was the place I needed to be. Two weeks before fall classes started I applied, and within a week I was admitted and enrolled at Goshen College.

I chose to transfer to GC because of its close location to home, its diversity, and great education. Another reason why I was so driven to apply was that I felt GC is very motivated in making peace in every way possible.

The enrollment process was quick and efficient. The great faculty really helped me with the transfer process. I honestly can’t find the words to explain what a joy admission counselor Kristyn Sleeseman was during my entire process of enrollment.

I am a transfer student and a commuter, but I hope that people will come to see me as more than that.

Throughout my first few days at GC I was faced with some difficult feelings of anguish and loneliness. I felt detached and found it difficult to fit in and make new friends.

Thankfully, those feelings were only short lived. As the days went by, I started to not only make new friends with the other commuters, but I also started to rekindle old friendships from high school.

I’ve come to learn that no matter where you are in life, everything starts feeling better when you have at least a few friends by your side.

When choosing my major here at GC, I knew I wanted to focus on a subject that was both academically challenging and interesting to me.

I am currently tackling a business major with a minor in broadcasting. Both are subjects that I thoroughly enjoy and hope to one day to be a part of on a professional level.

Overall, I know that an education at GC will be an exciting and challenging academic adventure that I will highly value for the rest of my life.