Before arriving at Goshen, I had several ideas about what college life was going to be like.  I envisioned myself with lots of free time, sleeping in late every day, going to activities all the time, and not having too much homework.  I was kind of wrong.

Not only am I busy almost all the time with classes and activities, but it seems like I constantly have homework to do.  I find myself waking up at seven a.m. four out of five weekdays, and my days are usually packed with classes, convocations, labs, and choir.

Although most of these activities are stressful surprises that I didn’t expect, there are many positive events and activities that I have discovered. I love the “open door” atmosphere that comes with living in dorms.  People can walk in and out whenever, and I can visit anyone whenever I want.  Other activities that I enjoy include movie nights, soccer games, pick-up frisbee and sand volleyball games, ping pong, floor dates (hey ladies!), bike rides, and Bible Studies.  I also love exploring new places and doing new things, and last Saturday’s trip to the dunes was an awesome experience!

The amount of freedom to choose my schedule was another new way of living that I had never before experienced.  For example, on Tuesday mornings, I have no classes, and I was able to sleep in until one p.m. this past week.  It was totally worth it!  I enjoy being able to eat, go running, or chill with friends pretty much whenever, which is something that comes with the freedom of college.  As the semester continues, I’m sure there will be more fun activities in store, and I can’t wait for Goshen to surprise me with something new!