Many might not understand how difficult it is to be an immigrant to this country or how difficult it is to maintain a “good” life here in the United States.

My family has always avoided of traveling because we run the risk of being pulled over by the police. We have always avoided of asking people for help because there is no one we can trust anymore.

Overall, my life has always been like a shell, always stayed in one place and no need to come out of that place. June 2012, DACA was established by the White House and giving the opportunity to 800,000 applicants to go to college and hopefully becoming permanent residents. I applied for this program and now I am currently one of those 800,000 recipients trying to get through college and hopefully one day make an impact in my community.

When the President decided to remove DACA in September 2017, I went into shock and burst into tears, thinking that all the hard work and effort I have done to get into my dream school will go to the trash. I saw no hope and no point of me wanting to plan my future if someone having a much higher authority take control, since they think they know what is “best.”

From September of 2017 to a couple weeks ago, obstacles have been coming at me back and forth and all around, but especially worrying about my future. Not long ago, my mom asked me, “where is your faith? Stop letting a man create fear in you, but have faith in God. Believe that He is going to take control and guide you on the way,” and that’s when it hit me.

I realized that I need to not depend on a man controlling my future and saying that I cannot succeed here in the U.S.

Within the month of February, Congress publicly announced that DACA recipients can renew their application.

At that moment, I realized that what my mom told me was right, I should have not worried at all. I should have depended on my faith in God and not let a person take control of my emotions and future. To this day, God has proven that He has not left my side and He never will. Thanks to God I am a full time student at my dream school and I have DACA. I have so many opportunities that many people do not have and that is thanks to Him. Overall, God had blessed me in so many ways, and one of them would be being in the DACA program. My dream is to be a difference in my community such as working with students who cannot speak the English language. These students have been brought down simply because they do not have the “capacity” to go on to college and have a better life. Or they do not have the “knowledge” to be someone big in the future. I want to be that teacher where they can look up to and say “I want to be like her. She is caring and loves to help others”. That’s the difference I want to make, by being a TESOL Secondary Education teacher and helping students to be the impact in the future of the U.S.